PUNCH LIST LITIGATION for Estates 

  For  Estate disputes Our Law Firm  has created  “Punch List ESTATE  Litigation” which allows the Executor and heirs to address the issues in dispute in private and settle the dispute prior to mediation and court proceedings .Unique approach to resolving issues.

             The  Law Offices of Michael G. Prestia provides Estate Planning and Probate services to clients :

.                                                         Revocable living trust  to avoid probate

  • Prepare estate plans for a variety of clients and taking  into consideration Federal Estate Tax consequences for 2023.
  • Prepare and advise clients on the use of revocable trusts, family limited partnerships (FLPS), limited liability companies, irrevocable trusts for Federal Estate tax planning tool and  to hold life insurance and for other uses, durable powers of attorney for healthcare, durable general  powers of attorney for property management , competency and undue influence issues, estate , retirement asset planning and valuation issues and veterans assist program.
  • Counsel families on handling succession issues where there are significant business assets and a group of heirs who have differing needs, abilities and interests in the business.
  • Probate estates and administer living trusts for the beneficiaries.
  • Providing asset protection planning for clients and their beneficiaries to protect assets from claims of creditors and from the claims of spouses in divorce and the "safe Trust" as an asset protection tool for beneficiaries.

 We also handle complex probate and trust litigation, including will contests and suits for breach of trust and fiduciary abuse. We have experience with:

  • Trust litigation for breach of trust
  • Trust accounting litigation
  • Actions to reform or modify trusts
  • Actions to recover estate or trust property
  • Substituted judgment proceedings
  • Will contests for undue influence
  • Suits for fiduciary abuse
  • Contested conservatorships
  • wrongful death claims
  • Have you made your  Health Care Directive concerning important decisions about Artificial Nutrition and  Hydration during your treatment  in the Hospital and  prolonging Life issues?

Please contact us with your Estate Planning and Probate needs:  telephone 228 868 6609